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  • Send a Printed Greeting Card from your computer in about 30 seconds
  • Send out postcards for as low as 65¢ - including postage
  • Send out greeting cards for as low as $1.42 including postage
  • Send out 1, 10, 100 or 1000 cards in less than 5 minutes
  • Pick the front of your card, and keep or change the inside message
  • Upload your digital pictures, business logo or product to make custom cards easily
  • Send any card as a Postcard, Greetingcard, Trifold card, 8x11 big card
  • Send an Unexpected card at an unexpected time
  • Never Forget Birthdays or special occasions
  • Send Thank You cards and share your appreciation
  • Remind People of their Appointments with you
  • Send Out Cards for your Engagement Announcements
  • Send your Save The Date cards
  • Send Out Cards for your Wedding Thank you cards
  • Send Out Cards for Baby Announcements
  • Create CUSTOM cards fast and easy
  • Upload pictures to the inside or front of any card
  • Send out cards in many different fonts and/or colors
  • Send out cards with your own personal handwriting font/signature
  • Send out Cards with Gourmet Chocolates/Candies/Nuts as a gift
  • Send out cards with many books to choose from (personal development, business, etc)
  • Send Major brand name Gift cards inside any card from your favorite stores, restaurants and gas stations
  • Currently serving the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa
  • Add video to your greeting cards with QR codes
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Testimonies of using our system to Send Out Cards

Rebecca McClure
I have used the cards for A/B Honor Roll and the parents thanked me for recognizing their child. I have sent birthday cards to my Homeroom students and they were amazed that I knew when their birthday was. It is just so nice to know that these cards are available anytime during the day or night for you to encourage someone or just say hi to someone you have thought about that day. I have also sent cards to my three administrators thanking them for my teaching position and that I was happy to be able to teach at Culleoka. I have taken digital pictures of my students' quilts and sent them the "Success" card congratulating them on their ability to complete such a large project in just 7 weeks. They now have the card to carry around to show off their quilts to family and friends. I have been able to thank the various speakers that I have come into my classroom. I spoke to two people who were in the hospital for different reasons and told me how they felt when someone sent them cards. They are very interested in signing up for this program so they can send cards to those special people that encouraged them. There are just so many ways to share a card with someone.

Jacalyn Lantrip LMT, CRT
Massage Therapist
Certified Reflexologist
Okay, okay......from someone who's so busy, she doesn't know which end is up most times. It takes some of us a little longer to learn and do something's and working with computers is 'my thing'. After getting a little?, no, a lot of help from 'a friend', I finally have all my clientele and family created in my account and what a dream it is for me, to see the reminder just pop up and with a few clicks, their card is actually on the way and on time. Wow, they will fall over, if they're not sitting down when they receive it. I have confidence that it will stimulate business with this little reminder of their special day. I have sent cards to past clients who have not been in for awhile, and I have had clients return to me who had not been in for 8 years! People returning and coming back in and sending me referrals has more than DOUBLED my business......I am now having to TURN AWAY business, as I am getting TOO busy! Thank you, 'little friend' for your much needed help. For those of you who do not know, 'my little friend' is my daughter Laurie, my computer wiz! LOL

David Long

"I am the CEO of Specialty Engraving, a $4.6 million dollar awards company in Wilmington, NC. We started using the system in June 2007, and have been extremely pleased with it. Since we started we have sent over 47,000 cards to our 8,000+ clients, and the results have been phenomenal! We created two cards to help people stay up to date on their awards programs, and since beginning to send them we have generated more than $1,600,000 in sales (through 9/09). To say "I'm pleased with the decision to use this awesome program" is an understatement!

With the success we have achieved, we now try to send even more cards for various reasons every year. We send birthday cards, thank you cards, welcome cards, appreciation cards, congratulations cards (for babies and weddings), sympathy cards (sickness and death) and the two cards we created to keep people current on their awards program. You would not believe the comments we get when we send out these simple and very inexpensive cards! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. Do yourself a favor... invest in your own success by getting started with your own program."

David Long President/CEO Specialty Engraving

Brian George
Tucuman, Argentina
We are Missionaries that help to start churches in areas that need them, there are many places with no church at all. Since all my financial support comes from Churches and Individuals in the USA we urgently need to keep the lines of communication open with our supporters. We send out a monthly newsletter every two months but this is not enough to keep in contact. With this system we can - in a more quick and direct way. Since we live out of the US, we cannot easily send letters to the USA through the mail system. It cost almost $2.00 (just for a stamp) to send a letter from here to the USA. With this system we can send a greeting card for $1.04 including postage to anywhere in the USA. Plus the greeting cards gets there in 2-3 days (instead of 10 or more). I use this system to send thank you notes to the USA, general greetings to Pastor, Friends, and Relatives. We also use it to send out Birthday cards & Special Occasion cards. We send out cards by the hundreds with general greetings and quick updates on the work here in Argentina. Friends, family, and supporting churches enjoy this, they will pray and give more towards your work and needs, when you keep in touch with them better, and this system allows you to do just that - cheaper, faster, nicer and more efficiently.

Cheryl Perine
Jail Ministry
I started using this system because it made sending cards so easy. Before, I would never send anyone a card because it was such a hassle. Now, I send lots of cards to friends, family, businesses, you name it. It's fun! I am in a ministry where I go every week to the county jail to talk to the women in there about how to get their lives right with God, and how to stay out of jail and stay straight once they get out. A couple of times, one of them would get out and write me a note, so I would send them a card. They really like that. In fact, I started sending cards to the women while they are still in jail, and it encourages them so much, and they really appreciate it. Also, I now send birthday cards, thank you cards, thinking of you cards, etc. to my family and friends, and it has brought us closer to each other. Sending out cards to the people you love, the people you work with, to help build your business, or whatever is the most rewarding and the most fun way to go. I really enjoy it, and I know you will too!

Laurie Delk
Web Designer
Graphics Designer
Marketing Consultant
When I was first approached, I said no way, I am already happy with one company, I am already extremely busy with my traditional careers and business interests, and I don't need to add something else to my busy schedule. I am a web designer, graphics designer, and internet marketing consultant and I have created my own Christmas postcards for all my friends, family, clients for over 10 years. My list now is over 5,000, and it would take me DAYS (enlisting all 4 of my kids to help too!) to print out all the mailing labels, buy stamps and add all those, our kitchen table was my business table for a week in Dec every year. Now, after I design the card, it took me several hours to co-ordinate my contacts all into groups that I wanted, but then only about 30 SECONDS to do the mailing - and better yet - NEXT year, my contacts will ALREADY be there - so only 30 SECONDS!!!! PLUS, another company I am with - a health company - I started sending CUSTOM Thank you cards to everyone who bought product from me - my return sales in that company has gone up by OVER 40% since I started doing that!!!

David Nase
I plan to use for people who gave The AvonWalk for Breast Cancer that my wife Fran and I participated in May 14th and 15th. We were crew which supported the 1752 walkers who did 40 miles in two days. I used a special Letter N card with our picture on a park lawn where everyone had lunch the first day. Then I included a message about $4.1 Million Dollars was counted as of opening ceremonies. and how over $2 million dollars went right back to breast cancer departments at the two Boston Hospitals that serve the larger population of Boston. Also that each walker needs to raise $1800 a piece to do the walk.

Kim Gilbert
My friend told me about this and I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I have a stack of thank yous from Christmas, two sympathy cards for my favorite Dr. and a co-worker's mother, and a letter to a friend ... all written and sealed but not delivered yet! I guess I have a problem getting a stamp and getting to the post office!
If I'd had this system last January, could have pushed an "enter" button and they would have made it to their destinations. How perfectly wonderful this will make my life now. I have always cared about people and written encouragements, however, many notes never made it out of my house. Sad but true....
Thank you for giving me a tool that simplifies my life and gives me back my integrity!

Sue Wiggins
Good Life Network
I originally joined, so we could mail out a personal greeting when distributors join The Good Life Network, but then I realized that we meet so many really great folks at networking events throughout the year, and then lose touch because we didn't follow through and this is an awesome way to reinforce those relationships. However I have also sent out cards to people that are important to me in my personal life, family and friends just letting them know how much they mean to me. Emails are great but to have a physical card a person can display on their desk (especially if it has a picture attached) keeps the memory alive so much longer. I am hooked, what a great system!

Laurelle Delk
College Student
I was able to design gorgeous custom cards for my graduation that stood out from everyone else's, as well as able to import all my contacts in a few minutes, and do the complete mailing to a few hundred people all at once, to let them all know about my graduation. I plan to use this system to show other businesses how they can enhance their current business and keeping in touch with all their contacts easily, as well as be able to use this business to generate an income to put myself through Bible College. My mom has always been a WAHM and has shown how you can stay at home, and still earn a great income, while not losing your focus on your family, church, and other activites - and not having to work 40+ hours a week.

Leo Sheridan
Top Leader
I am one of the top leaders in the world for SaladMaster, as well as several other companies, with a few thousand customer/clients and reps in my organization. I use the system to keep in touch with all our clients/customers and team, to keep them up to date with sales and contests. We also keep in touch with them to recognize them for certain accomplishments they have achieved, and sending out Thank you, Appreciation, Holiday, Birthday and Anniversary cards. It has been so easy to be able to just import our contacts with a few clicks, and send out a campaign of cards to a few thousand people in a matter of seconds, where my secretaries and other workers can spend their time on other things that they need to attend to.

John Mann
Mortgage Broker
Your program has already gave us 2 new mortgages with only sending out a change of address notice. Soon I will be sending out more cards!

A month later
I am very busy in the mortgage business. As I said before I received 2 new mortgages when I sent out about 40 cards. Well I received another new deal yesterday from those same 40 cards. It is amazing what these cards can do for your existing business. I have more cards to send out but I want to be able to handle this new stream of business. Our new mortgage business has expanded into the lease business. We will be able to lease computer(s), software, furniture, heavy construction equipment, almost anything for new or existing businesses or simply get a business some cash "leasing back" their owned business stuff for some operating capitol. Minimum $2000 - no maximum. Again this system will be able to help in this new line business.

Shane Wattenbarger
I own a "stone business". We sell all kinds of unique and decorator type stone for houses and buildings. Laurie designed me a custom card to send and I wanted to add in a 10% discount, then she talked to me about the "appreciation wins over self promotion".

I was not sure, but she said "Think about it - you send them a salesy card, if they do not need your services right now, where is that card going to go? - trash - that is right.

If you send them a "Happy Spring" card, with NO sales stuff in it - (but you CAN upload your business card inside that I created - so they will realize who the card came from, in case they don't remember your first name)"

She said, "If they get THAT card, where do you think it will go? On thier desk or office - most likely - where many people will see it!

So I agreed to try it - Laurie designed a campaign that was "Happy Spring" and said inside - "Just wanted to wish you the best year ever, and hope you are having a great spring!" Then signed it, then my business card below that.

I sent out about 500 cards, and this is day 3 - I called Laurie and said I got an order - and my PROFIT on that order will be over $6000!

Not too bad for a card that cost me $1.35 total, including postage!

Andy M
Insurance Agent
Dewitt, MI
"I have been in the insurance business for 35 years. For years, I have known that I needed to stay in better touch with my clients, i.e., send birthday and Christmas cards, etc., but who has the time!

"By using SendOutCards, I am having contact with all my clients 3 times during the year, plus on their birthday's and Christmas, all for $5/ year/ per client and a 'one-time' two minutes at the computer.

"A couple of months ago, I got a referral, as a direct result of a referral request card I sent out, which resulted in a sale which will produce enough commission to pay for all the cards I will send out for the next 5 years.

"This service is incredible! If you have a client-based business and are not using this system, you are missing the boat!"

The Vice President of a major national bank gave a presentation to the owner of a business pitching for a $100,000 business loan. The VP knew she was at least 1 of 3, maybe 4, banks who had made presentations to this business owner in the past 2 weeks.

Immediately after returning to her office from the presentation she created a personalized “Thank You” card using SendOutCards. She knew she had to further separate herself & her bank from the competition... and wanted to make a lasting, professional impression.

The following week she received a phone call from the owner of the business telling her she had earned all his business: the $100,000 business loan plus the business' banking account and the owner’s personal banking accounts as well!

The owner told the VP of the bank that she was the only person who sent him a “Thank You” to express her appreciation for the opportunity & for meeting him. Professional and sincere treatment like this made him feel confident that she and her bank will provide him with the service his business needs.

Tom Hopkins
Sales Trainer
"Sending thank you cards was the backbone to my real estate career. I made it a daily habit to send out 10 thank you cards each day.

"After the end of my third year in real estate, I no longer had to do any more prospecting. My business was all referrals. You can see how powerful greeting cards can be.

"With this system [SendOutCards] you have an incredible opportunity to change people’s lives – one card at a time."

Mark P
"I've been sending cards now for about nine months and can't believe what it's done for me and my business. In just a few minutes I now keep in touch with all my business contacts and clients. I've sent almost 500 cards so far this year and have received a tremendous response.

"Real Estate is a tough enough business to make your self stand out from the other thousands of agents. With my personal touch cards, I've branded myself as an Agent who cares about people, not just closing the deal and it is paying HUGE dividends."

Mike K
"As a Realtor, I have been using the system to help me stay in better contact with my past clients and referral base which has made a huge difference for me because I can truly automate my mailings while still giving a personal touch to my contacts.

"When I send a 'just listed' or 'just sold' card using the system I am able to tell a story within the card, which the typical card programs that most agents use will not let you do.

"I am getting a much better reaction to my mailings and am touching people on a higher lever than before. This is a system that EVERY real estate agent should have."

Bill F, CRS, GRI
"For the last 10 years we have always been in the top 10 of our office, ranging from 40 to 337 agents... but in real estate there are still peaks and valleys when it comes to finances.

“Now here's the real plus we didn't count on when we signed up... the [SendOutCards] system is helping us achieve a LEVEL income stream!

“The system offers so much that Denise and I could continue on and on with the other benefits: timesaver, efficiency, lower cost, and so on, but then this would be a book instead of a note.

“Thanks for showing me how to use this system to make us more successful in real estate."

Donna E
"We have found this web based program absolutely easy and effective to use, and it is probably the best way to stay in touch with our clients on a regular basis other than in person.

"We send a birthday card to them as well their children, congratulating them on their home purchase on their annual anniversary, a holiday greeting, and occasionally just an unexpected card.

"Everyone will open a greeting card so we are truly remembered. This is the best investment we have made for our real estate business in 22 years of brokerage."

Jeremy M
“Triple J Ductwork” had a custom card made with their company logo & contact information on the front of a card ($25.00). They manually entered 80 Roofing Contractors into their Contact Manager.

Using their Company Custom Card they created a Campaign Postcard advertising their capability to manufacture Custom Chimney Caps and uploaded a photo of a stainless steel chimney cap to the bottom of the Postcard. They sent 80 Custom Postcards to the Roofing Contractors with 1 click ($56.00).

Gained a new Roofing Contractor client whose first order was for 24 chimney caps.... a $4,600 sale, from an $81 investment plus the time to enter the names.

From feedback they received, Triple J will next use this same Campaign Postcard to send directly to Chimney Repair companies. Triple J has other Target Marketing ideas and will not hesitate to utilize SendOutCards --- "SendOutCards is definitely worth it."

A realtor that talked about homes in a certain community taking 5 months to sell told this story…

She said that instead of advertising, she invited 150 business people to an open house. She used SendOutCards to send the invitations. That weekend she had a crowd because of the personal invitations, and sold the house in 5 days. She made $22,000 on the sale. She was beaming with excitement over the cards.

Amanda B
SOC User
"I don't know why everyone doesn't use this. It’s the greatest thing...

“Let's say you wanted to send a Birthday Card to someone and put a Starbucks Card in it.

“You would go out into the sweltering heat, get in your car, drive to the grocery store, take up to 30 minutes to pick out a card, go back out into the sweltering heat, drive to Starbucks, stand in line and buy and gift card.

“But wait: you realize you don't have a stamp! You get back in the hot car and drive to the post office, buy your stamp and mail it. It just took you about 1 1/2 hours to complete this task.

“With SendOutCards you can do the same thing in less than 3 minutes. Who wouldn't do this??"

Lynne Vincent
Least of These
Prison Ministry

"I don't know why everyone doesn't use this. It’s the greatest thing...

“SOC has helped our prison ministry grow by helping us keep track of who gave us gifts and who we thanked.

We can also look at the cards we sent, so we don't duplicate the same card next time.

It is great having all the names and addresses at our fingertips.

We entertain Missionaries at our house and saw one of them using their laptop at our kitchen table.

They explained that they just sent all their thank you's for the last month! Wow! I knew we needed this program right then.

By putting our "jailbird" picture on the thank you notes, it keeps our faces right in front of everyone. We see our cards pinned up on the bulletin boards, when we visit churches"

Nicole Harrison
Events and Expos

"I am a traditional business owner who loves connecting with my customers.

SOC is allowing me to keep the elements of tradition alive but mixed with a more effective way to reach out.

Here in the next few days I have a project that SOC will allow me to do a test run that will be more than a test!

Thank you Laurie for all your help!"

Teresa Baine
"Here is part of our testimony. Things that I can remember just off the top of my head.

We are using SOC personally to send cards and gifts to our family and friends. We have two testimonies about children that we have sent cards to.

They did not want to let go of it because their picture was on it. One sleeps with it and the other one would not open any other gifts until his mom locked his card away in a drawer.

We sent a Thank You card to a local restaurant to thank them for not serving alcohol in their business. We received a Thank You card back for our Thank You card along with a $20 gift certificate to their restaurant.

We also use it with our church ministry. We send cards to members for their birthdays, anniversaries, when there is a birth in the family and when there is a death. We send "Thank You" cards and "Get Well" cards. The members really appreciate the cards. They tell us that the cards make their day.

Send Out Cards has opened doors to a lot of friendships that we would not have otherwise.

Thank you SOC."

Amy Liddell
"As someone who loves to send cards to my friends, my students, family, etc. becoming a customer of SOC was one of the best things I did.

With having 4 kids, life is busy and this way I don't have to make trips to the post office for stamps, etc. and at night I can put the kids to bed and then lay in bed with my laptop and send cards to all those that I love.

I truly love this system!!"

Joy Kennel
"Don't know where to begin with soc changing my life--knowing you, first, then saving SO much time and money that I used to spend at Hallmark, Walmart, Oriental Trading Current online, Hobby Lobby, and the post office.

I also in the past few days have been thinking about Compassion International and sponsoring a child through that. I quit doing it before because I got busy and never wrote to the child and felt guilty so I just quit the relationship.

Now it was advertised on our local Christian radio station last week and I thought I CAN DO IT WITH SEND OUT CARDS!

Lots more in 2014, but I am very psyched and hopefilled for a great future with soc.

Thanks to you for all the special help and love that you freely pour out. xoxo"

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