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You never know when the person you meet by chance will help your business in ways that you cannot imagine.

Some people call this synchronicity.

'Business Networking' is the more common name.

And building a network of business contacts (expanding your circle of influence) is a 'no-brainer.' That's why you have business cards.

The big question, what's your next move, after you exchange business cards with your new contact?

You need an edge, something to set you apart from every other person with a business card.

The ideal solution has a 600 year history and remains the world's favorite form of written communication 'send your new acquaintance a greeting card.

Without question, it's the most vibrant way to say "I'm glad I met you."
It's also a stunning way to tell a new or favorite client "Thank you."

You say this sounds too simple (not as transcendent as promised)? Think about it. When was the last time you received a "glad I met you" greeting card from someone you just met?

Try this experiment. Send a "glad I met you" greeting card to the next ten people who give you their business cards. The results will knock your socks off. Greeting cards have a powerful impact - far beyond their pretty exterior.

But greeting cards present their own set of challenges - buying the cards, writing the message, stuffing, stamping, mailing!!!

It takes determination, but wait....a radical new idea in business networking.


A International greeting card company has solved the problem.

Never again address, stuff, stamp and mail another greeting card.

In less than 60 seconds, enter your contact information online.

As easy as sending an email, except that your contact receives a photographic quality greeting card in the mail.

The greeting card company prints, stamps and mails the card.

Choose from over 60,000 cards. Custom cards are easy to create.

Even upload your entire contact list in mere minutes.

The online data manager never lets you forget a birthday or anniversary.

Send multiple cards as a follow-up campaign, automatically, whenever you say, even months from now.

Add your signature, even use your own handwriting font.

Add a picture or image from your computer - they print it next to your message.

An aggressive and radical new idea in business networking - the easy, effective way.

This works - beyond your expectations.


The $5.00 Solution

(The Path to Motivating Prospective Clients and Customers to Visit your Website and Become Preferred Customers)

You may have noticed that at least a few businesspeople are not eager to jump aboard the bandwagon to send out greeting cards. In fact, this is somewhat of an understatement.

For those of us who understand the power of greeting cards as business tools, we find this frustrating (and more than a little confusing).

Think about it. Many, if not most, of the great stories about a business 'turning on' to greeting cards, and then sending them out by the thousands, involve a personal relationship (even friendship) with the greeting card distributor.

Generally, when a GreetingCards International distributor knows a businessperson well and has the opportunity to sit down and explain the concept in detail, the light of discovery begins to shine in their prospect's eyes. This is a very high percentage sale.

The challenge, then, is to convert 'cold' business contacts to the concept. How do you break through their natural wall of disbelief?

There is an old saying, 'Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.' This cliche is almost entirely untrue. In today's innovative and technological world, designing a better mousetrap is relatively simple; successfully marketing the mousetrap is everything.

Ask nearly any CEO of any successful company. They will tell you: 'The truth is clear. Great products and services do not sell themselves. Without great marketing, get ready to lease a lot of warehouse space.'


So, what's the answer? Thousands of dollars worth of cable TV ads? Radio? Billboards? Ads on bus stop benches?

The answer is - none of the above.

Do not despair!!! Fortunately, the very product we are marketing greeting cards offers the best solution.

Now, don't get ahead of me here. Let's not celebrate prematurely. Sending a few greeting cards will not make you instantly wealthy, any more than throwing down a hammer on a vacant lot will build you a house.


Breaking Through the Armor

By far, the majority of businesspeople have armored themselves against the 'next great gimmick' that will solve all their problems. Weekly - sometimes daily - someone tries to reach into their wallets. They would be fools to jump onto every bandwagon that rolled by.

Of course, we all know that greeting cards are different:
-- A 600 year history of success.
-- A $100 million dollar advertising budget
-- For over 30 years, the $7.5 billion greeting card industry has indoctrinated every American to understand that 'those who really care, send greeting cards.'

More critical for our purposes, our technology makes sending greeting cards nearly effortless for the businessperson with less time then motivation. Not to mention our low prices. We have an unbeatable product and service for virtually any business.

But you already know this. Now, you must communicate this message to your 'cold' business contact.

Fortunately, it is unnecessary to completely rip away the armor plating from your 'cold' business contact. That would be a huge undertaking. We simply need to find and take advantage of a small ?chink? in their armor of doubt.

It basically comes down to developing a 'relationship' or 'a sense of trust' with your business prospect. In saying this, we are not talking about friendship (which may come later) or a camaraderie (we are not suggesting that you take your 'cold' business prospect on a picnic).

We are talking about patience on your part. And a systematic approach to prospecting that, essentially, allows the 'cold' prospect to 'get to know you' and warm-up to the concept.

Soda companies, car dealerships and fast food restaurants know that if we see their brand name on TV a dozen times a day, we will begin to feel a 'kinship' with their products.

Banks understand that if they tell us often enough, we will begin to believe that they 'want to be our friends.' (Yea. Like reality could possibly include a true friendship with a bank.)

This is marketing in a grand sense.

It is little wonder, then, that when you send a single greeting card to a cold business contact, your response rate is so low. I'm sorry if you were hoping for a miracle. (You should also read The $5.00 Solution for a better understanding of this important concept.)


Successful Cold Prospecting, Even for the Timid

Good news. For those of you who were never awarded salesperson of the year or even coveted that honor, for those who have little time and less interest in forcing your way inside every office and storefront in town, for those who may even be a little shy, this systematic approach can work for you.

Statistically, you should be able to convert a little more than 10% of your cold business prospects into Preferred Customers. (Assuming you do this correctly and consistently.)

With this statistic, we can develop a realistic cost/return analysis. (In other words, how much effort, time and money will you need to spend for each Preferred Customer?)

We are going to let our greeting cards do the heavy lifting. They are ideally suited for this purpose.

First of all, nearly everyone will open a greeting card. In fact, nobody leaves a greeting card unopened for long. (This is the first big hurdle and nothing works like greeting cards.)

Getting them to open the card is a sure thing. The greeting card industry has already spent millions to make sure that everyone opens a greeting card. The next part is crucial.

Second, you must catch their attention with something very personal for or about them inside the greeting card. (More about this in a moment.)

Third, the text message must create more questions in their minds than it answers. (There's a special technique to this. If you just confuse them, then you are dead in the water.)

These three elements when combined correctly will motivate a significant percentage of cold prospects to check out your website.

(According to our web statistics, as many at 40%-60% of the businesspeople who receive this first card will visit the website. Currently, about 3% to 4% will actually contact you after visiting the website. In a direct marketing sense, this is a significantly high percentage for a single contact.)


The First Card and Your Website:

A Tag Team Without Comparison

The fourth critical element, obviously, is the website. It has to be nearly perfect. If you get your cold prospect that far, and then fall on your face, you have wasted your time, effort and money.

The website must accomplish three critical objectives:
-- First, present a professional image (this is not a time or place for amateur hour).
-- Next, lead the visitor to exactly the areas and pages you want him or her to read.
-- And, most important, convey an accurate description of why greeting cards are the ultimate business marketing tool and will increase their income.

Keep in mind that after they visit your website, you still have 96% of your potential preferred customers left to convert. (And you still have some work to do with the 4%, too.)

Before we go to the second card (yes, you will need to send at least two cards to capture the full 10%), let's go examine the first card.

Point #1: The front of your first card should be a custom card (something another business has created for their greeting card campaigns). This tells your cold prospect that other successful businesses are sending cards. This is critical. They want to know that they are not the only fools who are considering this. (Also, as part of the text message, we are going to encourage them to: Think about what your personal greeting card should look like.)

Point #2: When they open the card, we want them, immediately, to see something very personal about them. Since we can't take a picture of their family, we take a digital photo of their business sign. (Most businesspeople have a personal connection to their signs, believe it or not.)

Some are literally flabbergasted. They open the card and there is a full-color image of their business sign. There is no way they will fail to read the message.

Point #3: We said earlier that the text message must intrigue but not answer too many questions. (We do not want them to say to themselves: "I understand enough to say no." Remember, they are programmed to say no, if possible.)

Here are a few technical points:
--We always use "Arial" for the font. It's clean, bold and easy to read.
--This is not the time or place for your personal handwriting font. (Believe me on this.)
--Never write more than 160 words.
--If you "copy and paste" from Microsoft Word, always do it from a text file.


Here's the text message that we send on the first card:

Isn't this your sign?

I took this photo in 10 seconds, then 20 seconds to attach the picture.

In fact, I never sent you this card. The greeting card company printed and mailed it to you for me. (I find this intriguing, don't you?)

Can greeting cards convert casual business contacts into active clients? It's very possible, if used correctly. Think you've heard this strategy before; that's unlikely. This technology is new.

Greeting cards - a 600 year old marketing scheme, $100 million advertising budget - transformed by technology.

Be forewarned!!! On my website, you may be converted to this idea if you read: 'Business Marketing Magic', 'The $5.00 Solution' and 'Fire & Forget'.

Thanks for your time.

Laurie Delk

P.S. I created this cover for a client - a lawyer in Utah. Think about what your personal greeting card should look like. (There's a lot more samples on my website.)

The message above is exactly 150 words.


We call this first card The $5.00 Solution

Each week we send out 50 cards to different ?cold? business prospects. We take a digital photo of their sign, then upload the image to a card. This works out to only 10 cards per day.

A greeting card, with an uploaded image, costs .93. Add postage of .49 for a total of $1.42 per card. 50 cards per week equals $71.00.

(Since it takes a little time to photograph 50 signs, you may decide to cut this in half and send only 5 cards a day.)

You will experience a few bumps when you first commit to doing this. (Finding the right signs to photograph, uploading the image, sending the cards. Like us, with experience you will quickly discover some nice, time saving shortcuts.


Building the Relationship With Your 'Cold' Prospects

The simple act of sending a greeting card begins to build a relationship with a 'cold' business prospect. They get plenty of letters, brochures and postcards but almost no greeting cards.

When they visit your website, it is very much like visiting you, but less threatening. Statistically, most website visitors will visit at least three pages.

You now have two sequential contacts, even though you have never spoken with your 'cold' business prospect. Still, you are building a 'sense of trust' with them. And "warming them up" to the concept of greeting cards as business tools.


Like the first card, what you say on the second card is very, very important.

Here's what we say:

Try this experiment!!!

Send this card (or one like it) to the next 10 business contacts you meet. Then call them in 10 days. The results will astound you. Absolutely true.

Think about why this works so well. Have you ever received a nice "glad I met you" card from anyone? How would you feel toward the sender? Greeting cards have a powerful impact - far beyond their pretty exterior.

Greeting cards - a 600 year old marketing scheme, a $100 million advertising budget - revitalized by cutting edge technology. Transform casual contacts into active clients.

Never again address, stamp and mail another greeting card. As easy as sending an email, except the greeting card company prints and mails the card for you.

Be forewarned!!! On my website, this idea may convert you.

Thanks for your time.

Laurie Delk

This is exactly 152 words.


We send one of the many excellent "I'm glad I met you" cards available in the card catalog. Generally, we do not include an image with this second card.

You will notice that this card:
--Challenges gives them to a specific set of actions and promises results.
--It also gives a logical explanation for why these actions will benefit them.
--For those contacts who have not yet visited the website, this card introduces the concept of sending cards utilizing our technology.
--Finally, again it encourages them to visit the website.


Odds and Ends

You may wish to send a 3rd and 4th card or simply quit with 2 and move on to the next group. This depends on your budget, motivation and personal philosophy.

We have a special 'last chance' card that we send when we have decided that enough is enough.

Keep in mind that nothing 'not even cards' can replace personal contact. At some point you need to stop sending cards and call, or better yet, visit your 'cold' business prospects who should be 'somewhat' warm by this time.

Through the cards you sent, you have developed at least a limited rapport with the contacts. They should, at a minimum, recognize your name. Some of them are simply waiting for your approach to say 'yes'.

We do not utilize an elaborate sales pitch when we make a personal contact. We simply want a 'yes' or 'no' to the question, "Do you want to make an appointment to hear how this works." Nor do we expect a majority to say 'yes'
Believe it or not, a few will even claim that they never received the cards. Don't let this bother you.

We simply want to get past the 9 businesspeople who will say 'no' to find the 1 out of 10 who will say 'yes'

A few final details:

Although every business should utilize the power of greeting cards, some types of businesses respond better to this approach than others.

Businesspeople who are constantly hungry for new contacts make the best prospects. We primarily target real estate agents, insurance people, mortgage brokers and car salespeople.

We also target some classifications of professionals, like: lawyers, financial consultants, chiropractors and architects.

One of our main reasons for liking these groups is logistical. Many of these folks put their names on their signs. This saves a lot of time. (You must address a card to a specific person.)

If we are only going to send a card to one person at a business or firm, we generally go for the 'top dog', the decision maker or senior or managing partner.

We think it is foolish to drive long distances for this technique. Why do distributors think that they will have better luck with a realtor 20 miles away, instead of 2 block away? Don't fall into this trap!

We target businesses very close to where we live and/or work. In any city, there are scores of these people within a few miles. We move outward from there.


There is a lot more we could explain.

We would like to continue but the written word becomes tedious for both the writer and the reader, after a while. Call us if you have questions. Also, let us know about your successes and failures.

Keep in mind that this is 'a work in progress' We experienced lots of misfires when we first started and our success rate continues to improve as we get better at this. The website seems to be a key to success. Also, be assured that the time consuming act of taking photos and collecting names and addresses gets easier with practice.

Good luck. Let us know how this works for you.

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