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71 Ways to EXPLODE your business  1) INSTANT REFERRALS - Send a simple card that puts your referral generation on autopilot. After a client buys from you, send them a "thanks for your purchase" card. Then 30 days later, ask if they know anyone else who woud find \value in your product or service. 2) SEND SOMEONE A LEAD - Give someone a hot lead by sending them a card letting them know you have a hot referral for them. 3) SWAP REFERRALS - Offer to be referral partners with someone by sending them a card, saying, "Let's Share Referrals! Who Can I Refer to You?" 4) REFERRALS - If someone sends you a referral, let them know that you appreciate them thinking of you. Tell them that people like them are the foundation of your success and that you want them to know how much you appreciate their referral. 5) FOLLOW UP ON REFERRALS - When someone passes you a referral, send them a note telling them what action you have taken on the referral. And be sure to follow up with a big thank-you note when that turns into business. REAL ESTATE 6) AFTER SELLING A HOME - Next time you sell a home, take a picture of your client in front of their home. Send a card to three of their friends, saying, "Hi, my name is _______; I just sold your friends this new home!" 7) OPEN HOUSE - For your next open house, send a card with a picture of yourself in front of the client's home on the invitation to prospects and agents. Your custom card will get noticed way more than the standard flyers most agents use. 8) INACTIVE REAL ESTATE CLIENTS - Send a thinking-of-you card to clients that you haven't heard from in a while saying you'd like to catch up soon! That simple act can get you calls that turn into business. 9) WE'VE MOVED CARDS - After selling a home, take a picture of your client's new home and put it on the front of a postcard. On the other side of the postcard say, "Welcome to our new home - our new address is...." Then print your real estate company infor- mation on the bottom. Encourage your client to send the free cards to et people know their new address. DIRECT SELLING 10) DIRECT SELLING NEW RECRUIT - When a new member starts the team, send them a note telling them how excited you are about them getting started and how you want to help them reach their goals. 11) DIRECT SALES TEAM MOTIVATION - When someone does a great job, send them a card telling them what an awesome job they did, how proud you are, and to keep up the good work. 12) DIRECT SELLING HOSTESSES THANK YOU - After a hostess event, send a note thanking her for hosting the party and telling her what a great time you had with her and her friends. 13) DIRECT SELLING CUSTOMER ORDER - After a party, send the guests a note thanking them for their orders. Then tell them that because of their orders, the hostess was able to get free products that she can enjoy. 14) DIRECT SELLING POTENTIAL RECRUIT - After having coffee with a potential team member, send them a note saying how you enjoyed getting to know them a bit. Tell her the ways that your opportunity helps her achieve her goals. 15) DIRECT SALES RECRUITING - Want to build your direct selling team? Send cards to find new recruits, saying, "I'm Expanding My Business and I'm Looking for People Just Like You - hard working, smart, creative, passionate..." 16) DIRECT SELLING TEAM ENCOURAGEMENT - If a direct sales team member is having a rough week, send her a card letting her know what an incredible business woman she is and that she is just having a rough week and to hang in there. 17) DIRECT SALES CUSTOMER - Send a thank-you note with the order telling them that you noticed they had ordered a lot of items & you want to know if they'd like to earn some free products by hosting a party. 18) DIRECT SALES HOSTESS REACTIVATION - If a past hostess hasn't had a party recently, send her a note, saying, "It's been six months. We have new catalogs. Would you like to get some more free or discounted products?" 19) DIRECT SALES TEAM CHALLENGE MOTIVATION - If you are having a challenge, send a note to your team, saying, "Are you excited about this month's challenge? I know you will do terrific. Let me know what I can do to help you reach your goal." 20) DIRECT SALES CUSTOMER WEBSITE ORDER - After a customer orders your website, send them a note thanking them for the order, when to expect it, and give them a special discount offer for any future orders. 21) DIRECT SALES CUSTOMER REORDER TIME - If your customer purchases products that run out, send them a reminder card telling them that you noticed that it has been a while since their last order and ask them if they are running low. Let them know you can get more products for them right away if they need it. 22) DIRECT SALES CUSTOMER RECOGNITION - If you haven't heard from a customer in a while, send them a thinking-of-you card. Tell them it's been a long time since you have heard from them and ask how they are doing. PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS 23) FOR ATTENDEES - Send a follow-up note to people who attended your workshop, offering them a discount on future programs. 24) FOR CLIENTS - If a client buys one product from you, send them a card letting him know about another related product they would be interested in. Here's an example: "If you liked my book, then you'll love our seminar coming up in June." 25) FOR MEETING PLANNERS - If you are invited to speak at an event, thank the person who coordinated the event. Send them a greeting card that says, "Thanks for the opportunity to speak at your event." Tell them that you know they put a lot of effort into it and you were happy to be a part of it. OTHER INDUSTRIES 26) POLITICIAN's IDEA - Send a special thank-you card thanking volunteers and donors who helped out with your political campaign efforts. 27) JOB SEEKERS - Make a custom greeting card with your picture and name on the front and put a small image of your resume on the inside. After the interview, send the person you interviewed with a thank-you card. When they get a custom card with your picture and resume, it sets you miles apart from other candidates. 28) FITNESS TRAINERS - Send a card with a picture of a client you have helped get in great shape and say, "Summer is coming....are you ready? This could be you in 12 weeks." 29) MORTGAGE BROKERS - Send Cards to real estate agents and title companies as a way to become known, so when they need a mortgage broker, they think of you first. 30) ARTISTS - Make a custom card with your artwork on the front. Not only is it a great way to get your work seen, but you can also sell the cards to others. 31) CAR SALESMAN - When someone comes in to look at a car, take a photo of them in front of the car that they test-drove. Send them a card with that photo in it and write, "I have that car waiting for you" or if they come in by a certain time, you'll give them a special discount or add on feature. CARD SENDING FACTS 32) TOP PERFORMERS SEND CARDS DAILY - Did you know that the top lady in Mary Kay sends out three cards a day; speaker Tom Hopkins sends cards 10 times a day; 90% of top earners in any company send out thank-you cards and other cards daily? 33) HANDWRITTEN NOTES GET OPENED - Did you know that a greeting card is opened 11 times more than any other piece of mail? Cards get through when email doesn't. Handwritten cards make a huge impact on how your prospects and customers think of you. 34) CARDS GET THROUGH THE CLUTTER - Your customers are bombarded with over 3,000 advertising messages a day. Cards get through to customers when emails can't. Handwritten notes are special. They get opened. And they get results for your business. 35) SET YOURSELF APART AS SOMEONE WHO CARES - Anyone can send an email, but sending a real greeting card sets you apart. Sending cards helps you stay on the minds of people who matter to you. Make card sending a habit, and you'll build powerful relationships with others in your network. 36) CARDS HELP YOU RETAIN CLIENTS - 2/3 of customers switch from one company to another because of an attitude of preceived indifference. A good relationship marketing program helps you retain clients. 37) CARD MARKETING INCREASES PROFITS - In you can retain just 5% more of your customers, then it will increase your revenue by 50%. Card marketing helps you solidify relationships with your most valuable customers. 38) CUSTOM CARDS GRAB ATTENTION - Using someone's picture, beautiful scenery, or vintage photos grabs attention and gets your card noticed! An original card is truly unforgettable. 39) CARDS BUILD RELATIONSHIPS - People like to buy from people they know, like and trust. Sending regular cards builds relationships and trust. Sending cards helps you build relationships with prospects so that when they are ready to buy, you will be the one that comes to mind. CARD TIPS 40) GET IN THE CARD SENDING HABIT - Make sending a note a habit! You'll be amazed at the impression it will make with your prospects and customers! It sets you apart from your competitors. 41) STRUGGLING WITH WHAT TO WRITE IN A CARD - If you want to w rite something really special in a card, but are at a loss for words, try Googling for quotes about a certain subject. QuoteGarden.com has a ton of quotes perfect to put in a handwritten card. 42) SEND AN UNEXPECTED CARD EVERY DAY - It could be a client, a friend, or someone you just met. When you start connecting with others through cards, it positions you as someone who cares. BUILD YOUR BUSINESS WITH CARDS 43) NETWORKING TIP - Send a card with a photo of people you meet at an event. It's a fun way to get attention of a prospect or someone you'd like to connect with. 44) CARDS BUILD RELATIONSHIPS - Send a phot card to people you meet. When you meet someone new, grab your camera and take a picture. Then create a custom photo card and tell them how nice it was to meet them. CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH CARDS 45) BE GRATEFUL - Be truly grateful for the good friends and thoughtful people in your life. Who has touched your life and made an impression? Send them a card to let them know how they have inspired you. 46) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - There are some people that make our lives a little brighter and we don't always get a chance to tell them how we feel. The perfect way to let them know is to send a card with a sentiment to thank them for being such a special part of your life. THANK YOU 47) HELP - When someone goes out of their way to help you, thank them for their efforts. Send a greeting card, saying, "The best things in the world aren't things....they're people like you. Thank you with all my heart." 48) SUPPORT - no matter who you are or what you do, there's usually someone that helped you get there. Who stepped up to the plate for you? Who believed in your dream? Who gave you the great idea? When someone supports you with advice or efforts, thank them. Send a card thanking them for their support and telling them how you appreciate them. 49) EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE - Send a card thanking people for the exceptional service they gave. Tell them the positive impression they made and that you will remember them the next time you need help. 50) CUSTOMER APPRECIATION - Thank your customers for their business by letting them know it's been a joy working with them, that you appreciate their business, and look forward to serving them in the future. 51) THANKS FOR CHOOSING US - Greet your new clients with a card, saying, "Welcome aboard! I am excited to have you as a new client." 52) THANKS FOR THE TIP - Send a thank-you to people that give you helpful articles, tips, and resources. Take time to think about someone who recently gave you useful information and send them a card thanking them for their thoughtfulness. 53) THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT - If someone gives you a compliment, thank them for their thoughtfulness with a card. You could say something like, "You really made my day telling me how much you liked my suit. Thanks for the kind words. That felt great!" 54) THANKS FOR THE GIFT - Thank people who give you a gift, however big or small it may be. When you let people know that you noticed and appreciated their thoughtfulness, it makes them feel terrific. 55) THANKS FOR THE GREAT JOB - When one of the people in your business network provides you with great service, take a picture of them and create a custom card with that photo to send it to others in your network, giving that person a strong testimonial. This helps to promote their business, and it will come back to you.....tenfold! 56) THANKS FOR VOLUNTEERING - Thank people who volunteer on a committee or help you out with a project. Tell them, "Without all of your help, I never would have gotten it done. Thanks!" 57) THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME - When's the last time someone stood behind your idea and encouraged you? Send them a card to let them know how much their support meant to you. 58) THANK YOU FOR CARING - Small acts of kindness can touoch someone's life. When someone has reached out and done something kind for you, acknowledge their gift of time and effort and let them know how much you appreciate it. 59) THANK YOU FOR GIVING - It has been said that we make a living by what we get, but that we make a life by what we give. Who has made your life more special by giving of their wisdom and caring? Who has supported you financially? Who has given of their heart and really made a difference? 60) THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING - Everyone makes a mistake now and then. By acknowledging to your customer that you made a mistake and are willing to go out of your way to make good on that, you can gain back their trust and business. Send a note to your customer to let them know you'll do whatever it takes to win their business back. FOLLOW UP 61) AFTER A MEETING - When you meet someone new, send a card letting them know it was nice to meet them and learn about what they do. Tell them that you wish them success in all their endeavors and would love to keep in touch. 62) AFTER A DEMO - After you present a demo or sales meeting with someone, send them a card to thank them. Thank them for giving you the opportunity to discuss your products and services with them. 63) AFTER AN EVENT - After attending an event, send the featured speaker a note letting them know how much you enjoyed the meeting and hearing their presentation. 64) AFTER THE JOB INTERVIEW - If you don't get a job after the interview, send them a note thanking them for your time. Let them know that you appreciate the time and consideration. It keeps the door open. Besides, you never know when the first choice hire won't work out. By making a good first impression, they may just call you when an opening occurs. 65) AFTER THE MEDIA INTERVIEW - When you get interviewed by the media, send them a note thanking them for featuring you in the story. Tell them from the heart how much you enjoyed the interview or the story that they wrote. And say how you'd be happy to be a resource for them for any future stories they are working on. KEEPING IN TOUCH 66) HOLIDAYS AND SPECIAL OCCASSIONS - Make it a habit to remember special days and occasions. By sending them a card about their anniversary, promotion, baby, new home, retirement, you make them feel special. 67) BIRTHDAY CARDS - Send a birthday card to your clients to show them you remembered them on their special day. 68) INTERNET MARKETERS - The people you most want to joint venture with are busy and won't take your calls. By sending a handwritten note, you make a great impression, your note gets through, and you can connect with hot potential joint-venture problems. 69) NEW YEAR'S GREETING - At New Year's, wish your clients and colleagues the best for the New Year. Send them a greeting card with a simple wish, such as "As we start the New Year, I'm grateful for your support and friendship and excited what the future holds. May you have the best year yet!" 70) CONFIRM A MEETING WITH A GREETING CARD - If you are scheduled to have a meeting with someone, why not send them a card a few days before to confirm your gettogether? Not only does it serve as a reminder, but it also shows that you are "on the ball" and considerate of their time. 71) SEND A CARD EVERY MONTH - There are hundreds of fun holidays for everything you can imagine. Send a card for days like Secretary's Day, Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day, and more! Find a list of these special holidays at our website.  
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