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After you watch the video, click the 3 lines at the top right on that page, and choose the box to send a card FREE to try it, no strings

  • Over 60,000+ cards to choose from (and growing!)
  • Send a Printed Greeting Card from your computer in about 30 seconds
  • Send out postcards for as low as 65ข - including postage
  • Send out greeting cards for as low as $1.42 including postage
  • Send out 1, 10, 100 or 1000 cards in less than 5 minutes
  • Pick the front of your card, and keep or change the inside message
  • Upload your digital pictures, business logo or product to make custom cards easily
  • Send any card as a Postcard, Greetingcard, Trifold card, 8x11 big card
  • Send an Unexpected card at an unexpected time
  • Never Forget Birthdays or special occasions
  • Send Thank You cards and share your appreciation
  • Remind People of their Appointments with you
  • Send Out Cards for your Engagement Announcements
  • Send your Save The Date cards
  • Send Out Cards for your Wedding Thank you cards
  • Send Out Cards for Baby Announcements
  • Create CUSTOM cards fast and easy
  • Upload pictures to the inside or front of any card
  • Send out cards in many different fonts and/or colors
  • Send out cards with your own personal handwriting font/signature
  • Send out Cards with Gourmet Chocolates/Candies/Nuts as a gift
  • Send out cards with many books to choose from (personal development, business, etc)
  • Send Major brand name Gift cards inside any card from your favorite stores, restaurants and gas stations
  • Currently serving the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa
  • Add video to your greeting cards with QR codes
* Anniversary        * Birthday        * Christmas        *Congratulations        * Easter        *Executive        *Formal        *Fathers Day        *Friendship        *Encouragement        *Get Well        *Feel Better        *Good Luck        *Good Bye        *Gospel        *Halloween        *Holidays        *Humorous        *Invitation        *Just Because        *Kids        *Love        *Memorial Day        *Miscellaneous        *Miss You        *Mothers Day        *Motivational        *My Favorites        *New Years        *Nice to Meet You        *Office        *Patriotic        *Seasons        *St. Patricks Day        *Sympathy        *Thank You        *Thanksgiving        *Thinking of You        *Valentines Day        *Wedding        *Welcome       
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Benefits of Greeting Cards

With our system, You Will Receive the Following:
* Online Contact Manager where you can store names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and other key information about everyone you know.
* Online Calendar and Reminder System that will never let you forget birthdays or other special occasions that your people have.
* Online Greeting Card Catalog with over 15,000 greeting cards to choose from. You select and write your message; we print, stuff and send in the mail for you.
* Transfer Group List Function that gives you the ability to send your contact list, complete with names, birthdates, etc, to other participating members.
* Custom Cards for Business or Personal use that you can design a card with your company logo and artwork. You can also design a family Christmas card or personal cards.

Added Value with No Extra Cost:
* You get a printed greeting card, you get it stuffed, stamped and sent in the mail
* An online contact manager and calendar reminder system that is included in the price of the card.
* Follow-up services to businesses. These services include custom greeting cards, promotional postcards and pre-scheduled campaigns that businesses can send to prospects and customers.
* You can set-up a sample account. You can put 1 to 10 (or more) greeting cards in their sample account, show them how to send out a card and then allow them to send additional cards, save contact names and review their own calendar with saved birthdays and special occasions. This works like magic. If a person or business takes the time to sample the system, they are sold almost every time. This is a fun and simple way for you to build a residual business.

The Personal Benefits You Gain Are Astounding:
* You create and maintain lasting relationships, personally and professionally
* You can express yourself at impromptu times and make a positive difference in others lives.
* You will motivate, encourage, uplift and show appreciation in ways that you never thought possible.
* By sending out cards, you will create positive activity that will make you a better person in every aspect of your life.

  • * Your Relationships will be stronger.
  • * Your self confidence will grow.
  • * Your ability to express yourself will increase, and you will change the world?s pattern of negative thinking into positive thoughts and activities.
  • * You will be remembered as someone who remembers

We also Offer a Ground Floor In-Home Opportunity:
This product and service is in high demand. You can make big money from your home by sending out cards and sharing this unique concept.
Your customers can also represent the product as distributors and earn substantial income in a home based business.
This is what you can expect:
* A unique concept that is in high demand with little competition.
* The ability to sell greeting cards on demand for less than retail value. The average greeting card costs $3.00. Our full retail cost is $0.98. You can purchase cards for as low as $0.62 each.
* Front-end Compensation that delivers big commissions fast.
* Back-end Compensation that delivers residual commissions long-term
* Your own internet website complete with shopping cart and credit card processing
* Strong support from a distribution network that benefits from helping you succeed. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

How do you sell the product and gain a customer and distribution base?
The opportunity is extremely unique:
The Product sells the product! The number one activity we train our business associates to do is to just send out cards. Why? Because the product is so unique that people you send cards to will call you and ask you how you did it. This alone, creates an opportunity to share what we have. It?s that simple, it works.

We use the product to help professionally contact our warm market with personalized postcards and greeting cards.

You can make multiple lists of people and send them pre-scheduled campaigns on 4-color postcards and greeting cards.

These cards can be personalized with your name and their names on them. They are designed to get straight to the point i.e. you found an incredible service on the internet that sends out printed greeting cards on demand;

You can call them to show them how it works and set-up an account for them so they can send out cards.

When you contact your people, there is nothing awkward about your call.

You simply say: "Did you get my card?" You have sampled them with the product.

It is about changing people's lives for good one card at a time. We believe we can change the world one card at a time. We are showing that we can create residual income one card at a time.

No matter what level you choose to be involved. This service will change your life for good.

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Postcards, Greeting Cards and Trifold cards are great for

Retailers & Catalogers
• Announcements on new Products
• Sales
• Catalog arrivals
• Offline marketing

Lodging & Travel
• Special vacation offers
• VIP communications Realtors
• New listings
• Tours and open houses
• Announce 3 day/2 night pkgs

• Birthdays
• Anniversaries
• New Baby Announcements
• Graduation Announcements
• Engagement Announcements
• Wedding Announcements

• Memorial Cards
• Thank you cards

Business Coaches
• Welcome New Clients
• Send Motivational Cards
• Encourage Clients
• Appointment Reminders

• Party invitations
• Holiday greetings
• Christmas Photo Cards

Trade Shows
• Invitation to events or to your exhibition booth
• Follow up communications

Real Estate Agents
• New Listings for Sale
• New Areas for Development
• Picture of Client w/house

Mortgage Brokers
• Congrats on Your New Home
• Thank you for your business
• Picture of Client w/house

Artists & Photographers
• New Art or Ideas
• Gallery invitations
• Sales & Discounts
• Holiday Card Packages
• Wedding Card Packages

Professional Services
• Appointment reminders
• Dental/Doctor Consultations
• Birthdays
• Anniversaries

Financial Services
• Lending rate announcements
• New Services
• Thank you for business

Accountants Chiropractors, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Dentists, Network Marketers, Financial Planners, Oil and Lube Facilities, Doctors, Auto Dealerships, Massage Therapists, Therapists, RV Dealerships, Fitness Centers, Landscapers, Pool Builders, Florists, Day Care Centers, Veterinarians, Restaurants

Anyone can use it!
For any reason!

* Attorney        * Lawyer        * Auto Dealerships        * Congratulations        * Banks        * Beauty Salons        * Boat Dealerships        * Churches        * Cruises        * Resorts        * Dentists        * Gyms        * Spas        * Fireplace Fixers        * Home Builders        * Insurance Agencies        * Masonry        * Mausoleums        * Mortuaries        * Motorcycle Shops        * DJs        * Nail Salons        * Painters        * Parties        * Plumbers        * Restaurants        * Real Estate Agents        * RV Dealers        * Scooters        * Offices        * Sewing Places        * SnowMobile        * Accountants        * Tax Preparers        * Bookkeepers        * Trailers        * Wedding Planners        * Vacation Resorts       
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